January News

It’s a new year in Monkey Puzzle Bedford and our theme for January is ‘People who help us’. The children have been busy exploring the roles of doctors and nurses, they fully placed themselves into the roles and even dressed up in white overall shirts which were so kindly donated to us. We had sick patients (dolls) in the hospital beds, but with the help of our caring, compassionate and kind nurses and doctors they were better in no time! I think we may have a few healthcare workers on our hands….

Who doesn’t love messy play? Even better when we add glitter into the mix, our babies made some excellent winter pictures using brushes and sponge stencils. Later on in the month there was a sudden chill in the nursery, brrrrr..our babies iced up the nursery room, it was so cold that the winter animals all froze! With the help of our babies and the stir of a spoon, the animals soon defrosted and were ready for playtime.

IT SNOWED! And our children were expecting Elsa to appear and start singing some songs! The pre-schoolers rushed out to the back garden and enjoyed catching snowflakes on their tongues. They were shortly joined by the toddlers and babies and they all shared a snowy experience.

What better way to start the year than to sit round the fire (a black box with coloured tissue paper for the flame effect) with some hot chocolate in the crisp, cold weather. We all sat together, sang some songs and practised our counting skills with the numbers on the fence. A fun way to begin finish off the month of January!