October News

October has seen a diverse range of activity here at Monkey Puzzle Bedford including celebrating Diwali, pumpkin carving, cooking, Halloween Dress up day and Autumn discoveries. To introduce the children to Diwali we made diva lamps and designed Rangoli patterns using dried rice and spray bottle painting. To incorporate our theme of British Values, we embraced the learning opportunities and dressed up and danced to Diwali music, which the children found very interesting.

This month Babies explored a variety of sensory materials including flour, pine cones, sawdust and pumpkins. They enjoyed exploring the textures and the seeds from inside. They played hide and seek with the farm animals and farm set and to learn about Autumn they explored different kind of leaves collected by the Toddler room. They used paint brushes, spray bottles and glue. The children loved investigating the textures and sounds made by the leaves.

Toddlers enjoyed using a variety of autumn colours to make their own trees. They also enjoyed helping to remove the seeds from a pumpkin and feeling the different textures from inside. They added jelly into the pumpkin the explore another texture.

We made ‘Fruit Kebabs’ and the children explored the fruit using all of their senses. The array of colours, textures and smells had the Toddlers enthralled. The children were supported with skewering the fruit and some of the children managed without support. Eating the fruit was also very yummy! We’ve been exploring what happens when you mix two ingredients together. We put Vinegar into a spray bottle and bicarbonate of soda was placed in a large tray and the children were free to see what happens when they made contact. The children were amazed by the ‘bubbles’.

The Pre-school printer wasn’t working, so we decided to try and find out why. We used screwdrivers and a drill to carefully take out all of the screws and we put them straight into our special pot so that we didn’t lose them. While investigating we found all of the parts that make the printer work such as a cog wheel, wires and a PCB (printer circuit board). We also found a piece of Lego…. Could this be why the printer didn’t work? Everyone in Pre-school enjoyed carrying out the task of making crispy cakes for tea time at nursery. Everyone enjoyed eating them too! And when Halloween came around the Pre-schoolers used a hammer and an allen key to make holes into pumpkins. We sat together as a group before the activity and discussed the possible risks of using a ‘real hammer’ in the preschool room. We set some expectations:

• Hammer slowly • Look carefully • Be careful with your fingers

We then used our ‘Mr Potato Head’ toys to create lots of different faces on our pumpkins. The children spent the day creating characters such as, a ‘police pumpkin’, a ‘cowboy pumpkin’ and a ‘mummy pumpkin’.