Nursery Roundup…

May 19th – With all the rain we’ve had, we thought the babies would have some fun playing inside the gazebo indoors!

May 20th – Today we taught the Pre school children how to create bubble art. We had so much fun blowing bubbles in the paint and creating beautiful art work.

  June 2nd – It’s Healthy Eating Week and to celebrate, we have been doing lots of fun activities. Colouring in pictures of fruit and veg, and choosing our own food to stick onto dinner plates. Our babies have also been showing us their physical development – health and self care – showing how they can feed themselves with a spoon or by feeding self with finger foods – what clever babies!

healthy eating week

June 2nd – In pre-school we made a dinosaur land. We used oats, shredded paper, pots and felt. The children had great fun exploring the different textures and making homes for the dinosaurs. They started making food and cakes for the dinosuars too.

dino land