March News

 Roundup of all are amazing activities at Nursery in March…

PurpleWe had a go at flipping some pancakes. It was so much fun! We all took turns in holding the frying pan and trying to flip the pancake as high as we could. They tasted so yummy and some of the pancakes even managed a double flip!

redThe children were able to complete the ‘Superhero Obstacle Course’. Each child had the chance to complete the course which included putting out a fire (using spray bottles), balancing on tyres, welly throwing and target practice. Each child in preschool received a certificate for completing the course.

yellowThe children explored the sand which has been updated to a ‘Beach’. We explored the shells and took turns when using the funnel

greenThe children have been planting seeds across the nursery. The children used their fine motor skills when picking up the seeds as were very small, and we also got very muddy after all the planting.

PurpleToddlers have been exploring their new ‘Busy Board’, which was created by a member of the toddler team and their partner. Thank You!!! The children develop hand and eye co-ordination to use the bolts, zips, threading, magnets, push lights and velcro.

redThe nursery made the most of the lovely weather on Tuesday and Thursday. Each garden was set up with blocks, gardening tools, tyres, compost, tunnels and bikes.

yellowThe babies enjoyed exploring cornflour, paint and glitter. This sensory activities was accompanied by all in ones due to the amount of fun and mess.

greenToddlers chose to move a plant in the garden, each children helped to dig the mud and water the plant. Well done Toddlers

PurpleThe preschool explored mixing colours to decorate their ‘Superhero Cave’, for the role play room. Luckily the sun was out so we could do it in the garden.

redThe nursery spent most of the day in the garden. Activities including sand, water, play dough, painting and sticking were available for the children. The Toddlers helped the practitioners to clean the chairs too.

yellowWe noticed that the dustbin men had come to collect our bins. We asked if the children could watch how the bins were emptied. We immediately put on our coats (it was raining and half of the children had fancy dress on) and walked slowly down the path towards the car park. The children’s faces lite up when they saw the machine lift our very large and heavy bins.The Preschool children waved and said “thank you” and walked back up the path. We do love impromptu learning experiences!!

greenThe Toddler children helped the Chef by measuring ingredients for our ‘Chocolate Cupcakes’. In the afternoon The Toddler children went into the Explorer Garden with Preschool and we had a picnic on the grass. Thank you Toddlers for our yummy cupcakes!!

PurpleWe started creating our Easter projects this week and we also enjoyed our new bubble machine. Using the googly eyes was a little tricky but we managed to get then onto our paper! Yippee!

redWe have used our all in ones nearly everyday this week. We had cornflour, shaving foam, paint and water. All the children developed all their senses (hopefully not taste!). We also washed the big cars.