June 2016 roundup

Wow, June has been jam packed with activity but here is a little taste of what we’ve been up to. We have new community play blocks for the preschool garden. The children have enjoyed using them to make obstacle courses and balancing beams. They have come up with lots of ways of moving, jumping, hopping and running around the blocks.

The babies have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden and exploring lots of different textures including noodles and paint. They have been in the sensory room exploring the light box, natural objects and shown an interest in books.

Toddlers have had fun in the garden cooking in the mud kitchen, making marks with colours, paint brushes and water. All the children had great fun painting their diggers and then making marks on their paper with the tracks. They’ve also been using their gross motor skills to ride bikes and to climb the steps to the climbing frame. They’ve also been using their fine motor skills to tap pins with a hammer into their boards, choosing their shapes and all were very proud of their work.