Harvest Festival and November Round Up

October 14th – Today we took the children to Hanover Court, a local sheltered accommodation home,  to celebrate Harvest Festival with the residents.

The children took part in a lovely service by the Reverend and were invited to make some bookmarks and flying birds. The flowers you can see in the picture unfolded as the children placed them in the water. Huge Thanks to the residents for making the children feel so welcome.

November 10th – Today the children have been making good use of our sensory room. We use a variety of objects and sounds to challenge their senses and we spend our time feeling, listening, talking and playing with all the different objects. We open the room up to all the ages end encourage the children to explore their senses in a safe and controlled environment.

November 24th – Today the Babies have been painting with bottles, the Toddlers have been making hedgehog bread and the Preschoolers have created this amazing dinosaur world with mud, leaves and grass. What a busy day!