February News

February has been super busy with lots of exciting and varied activity going on.

All the children got to dress up as their ‘Hero’. We had to create some indoor fun because Doris disrupted our outdoor Hero Obstacle Course. But we managed to do it the next day.

The Baby Room held a tea party for Valentine’s day. We enjoyed snacks, music and some of us dressed up too.

The Toddler children have become very interested in finding worms in the garden. so we decided to bring two inside and introduce them to the children. A few of them had the confidence to hold them and the children were happy to put them back in the mud after their visit. So we decided to buy then a wormery. When it arrived, along with the magnifying glasses, the children were able to take a close up look at our wriggly friends. We then found eleven worms in the garden and they are now in their new home. We named them all too.

Toddlers created some Winter collages. They got very sticky but the pictures were amazing. One day we let the children in Toddlers explore soil and sand with Dinosaurs and farm animals. It was lovely to see them creating little worlds for their toys.

One day both Toddlers and Preschool stayed together all day! It was lovely for the children to have breakfast together including the babies, and then the day was spent playing, sharing and helping each other.

Toddlers and Preschool went for a walk and the children gave out our Open Day leaflets to people in the community and posted some through letterboxes.

We had a fun day mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together. The children watched closely as the mixture changed and a few of them asked for their turn.

The children made their own personal mirrors, which they decorated. Each child then looked in the mirror and some of them made faces.

Preschool continued to enjoy being ‘Fire Fighters’, and created new stations each day.