December News

This month we were invited to visit the Library at Rushmoor School. The children enjoyed the short walk to the school and were very interested in the building. Once we arrived the librarian explained that she had several stories to read to us. We chose our favourite, ‘The Stick Man’, first! Once we finished the story we had the chance to say our favourite parts and some of us were able to relay the story word for word.

All the children got to decorate a chocolate finger ‘Stick Man’. We enjoyed making patterns (or eating it in one case!) and another child even made a face for the stick man. We made stick man pictures and had to put his body parts in th eright place (two arms and two legs). We had just enough time for one more story before we left. Thank you very much to Rushmoor School for inviting us. See you again soon!

Preschool enjoyed helping to build and decorate the Christmas Tree. Everyone had so much fun placing all our beautiful baubles all over the tree.

Babies explored flour, cotton wool and tissue paper for their Winter Theme. They enjoyed looking at the sea/winter animals and got very messy along the way.

We took a short walk to Hanover Court on Linden Road, the warden controlled retirement flats, where we used puppets to tell the Christmas story to the residents. We sang some carols and also sang a few of our Christmas songs with baby signing!