August News

At Monkey Puzzle Bedford, we want to offer the latest technology to ensure your children’s learning journeys are recorded, monitored and available for you and our team of nursery staff. That is why we have decided this month to introduce My Learning Book to everyone, and start sharing all our wonderful, daily activities digitally. To see a video presentation, please click the logo below. Parents can access their child’s learning journey via a password protected login page at the bottom of the home page.


It’s so important for us to get feedback from parents on your child’s learning journey. It means we can expand on themes and topics depending on what they are talking about at home.

• “ a big wiggly worm” ahahahah • I knew all the practice of balancing around every fence post we see would pay off • Hurrah!! Thankyou for all your help getting him trained • Jessica likes books and pretends reading at bedtime being the one telling the story • Jessica can easily be distracted as she likes playing, follow the dot is not an easy task at home • Jessica loves helping with cooking and baking at home, she will be the one telling mummy how to stir • Very funny, she has been asking to look at pictures of when she was in my tummy and when she was a baby • She loves this song we do this every morning along with row, row your boat