April News

A little roundup of what we have been up to in April and boy have we been busy!

PurplePreschool children explored their new stencils which linked to our theme of How things grow and minibeasts. Our new role play room has turned into a ‘Minibeast room’. Also our new ant farm arrived and thank you to the Toddler room for lending us your wormery.

redA spider was found in the Toddler room. The children used our new ‘bug investigator’ to get a closer look. We also showed the Preschool children. We chose to draw the spider and try to match the colours they could see on it’s body. Soon after we let Mr Spider free in the garden.

yellowWe have continued to investigate our ‘bug room’. This involved looking at our laptop, using magnifying glasses, mini beast masks, looking in our treasure basket, matching if the creatures are insects or farm animals and collecting ants for our new ‘Ant farm’. Also our new rugs arrived this week with an additional set of 1-20 little mats. We played a jumping game and we had to jump on a mat and shout the number we stood on. Well done everyone!

greenWe enjoyed our new bubble machine and we have been learning our shapes daily during circle time. Our interactive board is so much fun and we all have the chance to participate. The Toddler children enjoyed some sticking in the sun. What a lovely sensory activity which leaves the children with sticky fingers. Preschool children supported a practitioner with dismantling the guinea pig hut. We used different sized screwdrivers and had to focus when using the tools. This activity promotes teamwork (social skills), fine motor development and hand/eye co-ordination. Thank you helpers.

PurpleThe children had the chance to blow some bubbles. The children focused and it took great concentration to hold the stick and blow at the same time. We also had a big clean up after as the floor was rather sticky.

redWe painted some pink pigs for our farm. We used rollers, sponges and our fingers to create our pigs. Some of the children know what sound a pig makes. Oink! We watered our seeds which we planted a few weeks ago. Our seedlings are sprouting.

yellowWe have made the most of the changing weather and continued to be little explorers. We did some digging, climbing, building and messy play all in the garden.

And finally…

greenWe have continued to find lots of minibeast’s and use our new toy to get a closer look. We also went to show the Toddlers and Baby room what we had found. We have now made our ‘ant farm’ which the children helped to create using sand and soil. Then children worked together to create a stage and with a little assistance… a ship was formed. We worked together, asked questions and supported each other with lifting /moving the wooden blocks. Great teamwork Preschool!